WWE made a colossal mistake on Monday night.

Yes I realize they make a lot of mistakes these days but this one was huge.

I love Bayley.  I saw her live last year and she connects with the fans better than most WWE superstars.  Her character fits her persona and her image is fantastic.  She was going to be the Women’s champion someday but WWE pushed her way too soon and really spoiled what could have been one of the best moments of the entire year.

Charlotte deserves a long title reign.  She’s put the women’s division on her back and carried it with the help of Sasha Banks (who should also be heel, but that’s for another day) in the last year.  Their feud was fantastic last year and it’s a shame they couldn’t extend it out a little longer.  She epitomizes her father in every aspect of the business.  The confidence, the cockiness, the athletic ability.  Charlotte is a true heel, something we just don’t see these days.

The super hero is always supposed to beat the villain.  That’s how you get a reaction from the crowd, the big pop, the “moment” we all remember for years to come.  With the meddling of middle ground between heel and face going on in WWE right now, the universe has no idea who to cheer.  That goes for pretty much the entire roster.  Roman Reigns was the face for his title match at the Royal Rumble and came in as a heel for the actual Rumble event.  Kevin Owens and Jericho get cheered as heels because of how charismatic they are with the mic.  What is Sheamus and Cesaro?  Charlotte is the exception to the rule.  Most of the WWE Universe despises her character with a passion.  She’s doing her part to be the villain and we all know who the hero that is supposed to dethrone her is – Bayley.

Let’s talk about Monday night.  It was an excellent match.  Bayley’s in ring abilities hadn’t been standing out the last few months.  Her match with Charlotte showed us all why we all loved her in NXT.   An absolute thriller of a match and she pulled out the figure four!  Wow!  The match was set up nicely to where she could go against all the odds – beating the champ two on one for the big moment…..

Then … “Had a dream I hadn’t made it” echoes through out the arena with a hobbled Banks coming down the ramp to give Bayley the assist with her crutch and help her get released from the figure eight.  Bayley to belly..boom… 1…2…3 new champ.

So just to recap Bayley wins her first title on a random night on Raw in February with an assist from Sasha Banks.  It was a desperate move on the part of the Raw writers.  Now I have no idea what’s going to come of this moving toward Mania.  Rumors are a triple threat match between Charlotte, Bayley, and Sasha/Nia. WWE is really playing up the “Charlotte has never lost at a PPV” story line.  So, I will leave this open to interpretation to see what actually happens moving forward.

So that leaves me with the final thought: WWE should have waited to give Bayley the title at WrestleMania.  It’s their obsession with week to week ratings that pushed her forward and ruined one of the best moments that WWE could have had this year.  I was anxious to see Bayley hold up the women’s championship to the tune of 60 thousand people screaming their hearts out because the hero won.  She would have over came all odds – including beating Charlotte at her best – PPVs… and all of that in a Women’s division that has constantly gotten better and better.  It would have been a crowning moment for the division and women wrestlers world wide.   It would have been THE WrestleMania Moment and our hero would have saved the world.